About the Artist: Gerroud Aldophe

I am Guerrode Aldolphe, a painter of art. 

I have been living in Sao Paolo, Brazil since 2013.  I was born in 1970 in Marchand Dessalines (a town in the Artibonite department of Haiti.) I started painting a good long time ago, when I was twelve years old. When I started painting, I was very hopeful.  The first person who taught me was Reynald Zavier at Montrouis.  In 1990, I began to sell my paintings.  The first places I sold my paintings were Moulin sur La Mèr and Royal Decameron at Indigo Beach in Montrouis.  Then, I went to the Dominican Republic. I have sold my paintings in different countries but I have the sold the most to clients in Santo Domingo as well as other Dominican cities including Higüey, Puerto Plata and the beach resorts.  The other countries I have sold my paintings are Puerto Rico, Brazil, Saint Thomas.

I paint in a lot of different styles. This (pointing to a market scene) is the kind of painting I sold the most in the Dominican Republic.

When I do my art, I love it.  I feel special to be an artist.  Everyone loves art.  My experience makes me love the art even more.  For example, when I do this painting, and I’ve been doing it for several days--it is not done yet--but I think to myself, I began at age 12 years, and I am 51 years old and I do art and I love what I do  I think it’s normal.  As long as you have a skill, you pursue it.  It’s how I make a living. When I am painting, I feel peaceful.

Translations by Dr. Karen Richman, University of Notre Dame

About the Artist: Gerroud Aldophe