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Activism Through Art

Haiti as we know it was built on activism. In 1804, the people of Haiti united against their oppressors and won for their freedom, the first Caribbean nation to liberate itself from colonial rule. Though the country has continued to struggle against internal and external forces which aim to seize the power of the people, the tenacity of local activism has not waned, as can be seen in contemporary movements like # #FreeHaiti. Yet, Haitian activism includes more than just the grand narratives of the large-scale acts which dominate history. Individual artists, privileged by their abilities to depict and clarify abstract concepts, have been long been using art as a medium to critique flawed governmental and social systems in a (more) subtle and personal way. We present to you a selection of works from Ayiti Gallery by four Haitian artists- Jonas Profil, Makenol Profil, Kayava, and Hugues Ferol- who have used their platform to demand change. Their paintings demonstrate three different types of activism- social activism, environmental activism, and political activism- and range from quietly inspiring the viewer to be kinder to the Earth and to the people around them and to directly confronting Haitian oppression. We celebrate their voices and their strength, for it is through large and small acts alike that we create a better and more equitable world.

This exhibition is in collaboration with Ayiti Gallery