About the Exhibition

Forthcoming: Speaking Candidly with Haitian Folks about Haiti (2022) is a series of works that calls us into a critical dialogue about Haiti. Holding a mirror up to the leaders in our community, Forthcoming queries the material and social conditions of our society as a whole, using Haiti as a springboard. In this manner, a commitment is made to uplifting new narratives about Haiti and honoring all Haitian people who are essential, active beings that play a role in the direction that the country will take moving forward. 

This series began as a mental exercise before materializing onto canvas. As a college student, I read immensely on NGO policy that limited government capacity, foreign intervention in Haiti, and I became deeply invested in political activism made for and led by the Haitian diaspora. I worked with several academic groups, nonprofits, and grassroots social media initiatives. And still, I found that the subject of building real power for Haitian people in Haiti was not a part of the public discourse. It is for this reason that I was compelled to dream of a better Haiti the only way I knew how.

As a result, many of these works are autobiographical in nature. Childlike illustrations are used to depict my family members, whose life choices are a reflection of their relationships to politics in their birth country of Haiti. Vibrant colors are used to emphasize Haiti’s geographical beauty and foreshadow its obvious potential. Apart from showcasing everyday life in Haiti, Forthcoming demands answers to many contested yet reasonable arguments that help us to seek out deeper truths about why Haiti is the way it is, and run away from our denial and discomfort when arriving at these plateaus.

Each painting has a corresponding song, hand picked by Louis, to be played while viewing the work. Open this playlist in another tab to listen while viewing the exhibition. The first song in the playlist corresponds with the first artwork (listed on the side navgiation bar) and so on.


Louis and HAMOC do not own any rights to the music and they are being used only for supplemental and educational purposes.