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About the Artist

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Alexandra Valmé was born in Port au Prince, Haiti in the 70’s, where she has been educated and residing. At five years old, she started with formal piano lessons that she will adopt as her first career as a music teacher at 17 years old. Soon after, she will embark on her multi-arts adventure.

Alexandra allowed herself to learn how to draw, paint in abstract and experiment with mixed media with enchantment, in person at the Art Academy of Port-au-Prince and later online. In 2014, Alexandra started an art camp called LOISIRS & CREATIONS, where she transformed many wastes into decorative artifacts such as: miniature Zen gardens and religious grottos in plastic, and other home decors from recycled tires. Her students’ attendance multiplied because of the passion that she put into her instructions. Alexandra was indoctrinated artistically into AXYV during a soul search. Her first abstract painting was born out of wanting to express herself in the mist of the tumultuous summer of 2018 of Haiti. One can imagine a “good Haitian girl, from private catholic school breeding” turned into a Vodoo servant, which is considered pagan practices in the Haitian church. She emancipated herself from all guilt and thanks to her spiritual and birth mothers, she continued with her spiritual quest artistically, resulting in an overflow of her work, during Cov19, which gave birth to the 50 pieces of LUMINEN; a collection of abstract Vodoo messages to uplift the soul and giving hope to the fragmented communities of the world.

The Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC) is proud to present the exhibition LUMINEN a complete collection of abstract Vodou paintings by AXYV.

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About the Artist